Police Academy


Hugh Wilson

When the mayor announces that anyone can join the police force, the academy is swamped with new recruits all wanting to be law enforcement officers, often with comical and hilarious results. Among the memorable cadets are Mahoney (Guttenberg), Hightower (Smith), Tackleberry (Graf) and Jones (Winslow).
Six sequels were made, each steadily worse than the last. The first four are definitely worth a viewing though.
The location of the Academy training was filmed in Toronto in an abandoned psychiatric hospital (according to the commentary track on the Special Edition DVD).

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23rd March 1984

Steve Guttenberg
Carey Mahoney

Kim Cattrall
Karen Thompson

G.W. Bailey
Lieutenant Harris

Bubba Smith
Moses Hightower

Donovan Scott
Leslie Barbara

George Gaynes
Commandant Lassard

Andrew Rubin
George Martin

David Graf

Leslie Easterbrook
Sergeant Callahan

Debralee Scott
Mrs. Fackler

Michael Winslow
Larvell Jones

Bruce Mahler
Doug Fackler

Ted Ross
Captain Reed

Scott Thomson
Chad Copeland

Brant Van Hoffman
Kyle Blankes

Marion Ramsey
Sgt. Laverne Hooks

Georgina Spelvin

Beth Amos
Lady with Cat

James D. Brown
Hippie recruit

Joyce Gordon
Mrs. Thompson

Don Lake
Lou (Mr. Wig)

Doug Lennox
Main Bad Guy

Araby Lockhart
Mrs. Lassard

Bill Lynn
Parking Lot Manager

Bruce McFee
Supply Clerk

Don Payne

Michael J. Reynolds
Office Executive

George R. Robertson
Chief Hurst

Dar Robinson
Menacing thug in plaid

Hugh Wilson
Angry Driver

Parade Inspector

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