Police Academy 6: City Under Siege


When a crime wave sweeps the city, our police academy recruits are called upon once more to find the responsible parties.
If you thought the last one was pointless then I'm afraid you won't be too impressed with this either. Still, on the up side it's a masterpiece compared to what came next!

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10th March 1989

21st July 1989

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege
6th April 2004


Bubba Smith
Lt. Moses Hightower
Michael Winslow
Sgt. Larvelle Jones
David Graf
Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry
Marion Ramsey
Sgt. Laverne Hooks
Leslie Easterbrook
Captain Debbie Callahan
Lance Kinsey
Lt. Proctor
Bruce Mahler
Sgt. Douglas Fackler
Kenneth Mars
The Mayor/The Mastermind
Gerrit Graham
Matt McCoy
Sgt. Nick Lassard
G.W. Bailey
Captain Harris
George Gaynes
Commandant Eric Lassard
George R. Robertson
Commissioner Henry Hurst
Billie Bird
Mrs. Stanwyck
Brian Seeman
Darwyn Swalve
Arthur Batanides
Mr. Max Kirkland
Ralph Blandshaw
Rapper #2
Fritz Bronner
Friend #1
Lou Butera
Pool Shooter
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Greg Collins
SWAT Team Leader
Peter Elbling
Store Manager
Alexander Folk
Well Dressed Man
Michael Fosberg
Friend #2
Susan Hegarty
Darryl Henriques
Man in a Hurry
Alan Hunter
Businessman #1
Rusdi Lane
Man with Squeaky Shoes
Allison Mack
Little Girl on Bus
Paul Maslansky
Man on Phone in Police Precinct
Anna Mathias
Bank Teller
Melle Mel
Rapper #1
Tony Montes
Cop #2
Beans Morocco
Bank manager
Dennis Ott
Angelo Tiffe
Cop #1
Daniel Ben Wilson
Tackleberry Jr.
Bank Worker
Midge, Mayor's Secretary
Officer Stewart

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