Police Academy: Mission To Moscow


Alan Metter

The seventh - and last film in the series (and the first one for 5 years). This time the academy recruits, along with their long-serving Commandant Lassard travel to Russia to infiltrate a mob responsible for a highly addictive computer game which has been programmed to steal money from those who buy it.
Possibly the worst movie ever made....and why did the film-makers think it was a good idea to use hundreds of voice-over reaction effects throughout the film? This movie is a complete embarrassment to the entire series.

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17th June 1994

26th August 1994

Police Academy 7: Mission To Moscow
6th April 2004


George Gaynes
Commandant Lassard
Michael Winslow
Sgt. Jones
David Graf
Sgt. Tackleberry
Leslie Easterbrook
Capt. Callahan
G.W. Bailey
Capt. Harris
Christopher Lee
Commandant Alexander Rakov
Ron Perlman
Constantine Konali
Claire Forlani
Charlie Schlatter
Cadet Connors
Richard Israel
Adam Sharp
Gregg Berger
Lt. Talinsky
Vladimir Dolinsky
Pamela Guest
Liz, Anchorwoman
Robert Iannaccone
Training Sergeant
Carolyn Kelson
Stuart Nisbet
Ed, Anchorman
Alexander Skorokhod
David St. James
News Director

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