Better Off Dead


Savage Steve Holland

Teen comedy with an absurd and blackly comic touch. Cusack has to deal with typical teen issues, such as being dumped by his girl for the arrogant jock, along with, among other things, his mother's sentient cooking and a very, very persistent paperboy. Luckily a French exchange student moves in across the street...

Probably the iconic teen comedy of the 1980s, along with Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and one that probably wouldn't be made today, considering one of the main plot points is the protagonist's attempts to commit suicide! Shame the director dropped out of making films and migrated to the lesser world of TV, and a further shame Cusack apparently doesn't think much of it, as it is one of his best films.

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11th October 1985

Better Off Dead
16th July 2002

97 mins

Better Off Dead
5th August 2007

97 mins

John Cusack
Lane Meyer
David Ogden Stiers
Al Meyer
Kim Darby
Jenny Myer
Demian Slade
Johnny Gasparini
Scooter Stevens
Badger Meyer
Diane Franklin
Monique Junot
Laura Waterbury
Mrs. Smith
Daniel Schneider
Ricky Smith
Yuji Okumoto
Yee Sook Ree
Brian Imada
Chen Ree
Chuck Mitchell
Amanda Wyss
Beth Truss
Curtis Armstrong
Charles De Mar
Aaron Dozier
Roy Stalin
Frank Burt Avalon
Roy's Ski Buddy #1
J. Warren David
Roy's Ski Buddy #2
Peter Ellenstein
Roy's Ski Buddy #3
Vincent Schiavelli
Mr. Kerber
Edward Mehler
Thomas Rollerson
Roller Skater
Toby Iland
Nerd #1
Jonathan Charles Fox
Nerd #2
Darren Harris
Nerd #3
Randy Stoklos
Jock #1
Sam High
Jock #2
David Vaughn
Jock #3
Tina Littlewood
Chris Cummins
Steven Williams
Tree Trimmer
Stuart K. Robinson
Tree Trimmer's Helper
Taylor Negron
Rima Delane
Joanne Greenwald
Elizabeth Daily
Ron Anello
The Band
Dominick Certo
The Band
Jude Cole
The Band
Robert Gianette
The Band
Angie Rubin
Backup Singer
Yano Anaya
Joey Tushnet
Sebastian Dungan
Rick Rosenthal
Rich Little
Additional Voices
David Lee Roth
Singing Burger (uncredited)
Unknown 1572-1
Beth's Friend
Isidore Mankofsky
Unknown 1572-3
Ricky's Girl

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