The Runaway Bus


Val Guest
Eros Films

Passengers fogbound in London Airport (long before it was Heathrow) take the title vehicle to a different airport to complete their journey. Meanwhile thieves have stashed their haul of gold in the bus' boot.

Enjoyable mix of comedy and crime, especially for Frankie Howerd's performance. Alexander's character is badly written (without giving any plot points away, his character is a fatuous incompetent), but the final plot twist is a satifsying one.

-Dave W.

The Runaway Bus
16th February 1954

74 mins

Frankie Howerd
Percy Lamb
Margaret Rutherford
Miss Cynthia Beeston
Petula Clark
Lee 'Nikki' Nicholls
George Coulouris
Ernest Shroeder
Toke Townley
Henry Waterman
Terence Alexander
Peter Jones
Belinda Lee
Janie Grey
John Horsley
Detective Inspector Henley
(as John Horseley in end credits)
Anthony Oliver
Duty Officer
Stringer Davis
2nd Transport Officer
Michael Gwynn
1st Transport Officer
(as Michael Gwynne)
Reginald Beckwith
Telephone Man
Marianne Stone
Travel Girl
Lionel Murton
American Traveller
Lisa Gastoni
(as Liza Gastone)
Richard Beynon
3rd Transport Officer
Sam Kydd
Security Officer
Cyril Conway
1st Crook
Arthur Lovegrove
2nd Crook
Alastair Hunter
Detective Spencer
(as Alistair Hunter)
William Franklyn
Voice of Crook in Prologue
Frank Phillips
BBC Newsreader
Richard Nellor
Father in Airport Terminal
Ted Chapman
2nd American Traveller
Unknown Male 108
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Richard Duke
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Charles Hammond
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Pat Symons
Passenger at Airport Terminal
Unknown 16364
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Unknown 16364
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Unknown Male 70
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Unknown 16364
Pilot with Nikki
Unknown 16364
2nd Security Officer
Jack Armstrong
Passenger in Airport Terminal
Fred Nicholas
Policeman in Airport Terminal
Unknown 16364
Police Sergeant
Unknown 16364
George Davis
Norma Dale
Undetermined Role
Jimmy Young
Undetermined Role

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