Shock Treatment


Jim Sharman

"Not a sequel, but an equal" ran this film's taglines ("Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" was another). A decent satire on TV but a poor follow-up to the Rocky Horror Picture Show with none of the elan of the previous production.

22nd May 2006

5th September 2006

Jessica Harper
Janet Majors
Cliff De Young
Farley Flavors/Brad Majors
Richard O'Brien
Cosmo McKinley
Patricia Quinn
Nation McKinley
Charles Gray
Judge Oliver Wright
Ruby Wax
Betty Hapschatt
Nell Campbell
Nurse Ansalong
Rik Mayall
'Rest Home' Ricky
Barry Humphries
Bert Schnick
Darlene Johnson
Emily Weiss
Manning Redwood
Harry Weiss
Wendy Raebeck
Macy Struthers
Jeremy Newson
Ralph Hapschatt
Betsy Brantley
Neely's Crew
Perry Bedden
Neely's Crew
Perry Beddon
Neely's Crew
Rufus Collins
Neely's Crew
Chris Malcolm
Vance Parker
Christopher Malcolm
Vance Parker (as Chris Malcolm)
Ray Charleson
Floor Manager
Eugene Lipinski
Barry Dennen
Irwin Lapsey
Imogen Claire
Wardrobe Mistress
Gary Shail
Oscar Drill
Donald Waugh
Glish Davidson
David John
'Bit' drummer
Gary Martin
'Bit' guitarist
Ishaq Bux
Farley Flavors Follower