Something Evil


Steven Spielberg

Wishful thinking on my part. This film is not available. Spielberg brought his talent to this TV movie horror. Anyone who saw it will remember the red eyes peering malevolently from the foliage.

-The Sloth

Family buys house in Pennsylvania Dutch country (which oddly looks just like southern California), only to find that it has an malevolent presence that wants to reach out to the new owners.

Shot by Spielberg immediately after Duel, this is a competently made but pretty pedestrian affair. McGavin is fine as the dad, and Bellamy’s guest star bit is the saving grace acting-wise (along with Rubinstein as his weird nephew), but Dennis and Whitaker are annoying, and I ended up rooting for the evil side a bit, to be honest. I guess this might have been scary to CBS viewers in 1972, but today the scariest thing in it is the "Apple Bar Candy" jingle, which is just awful. Spielberg does a good job describing the claustrophobia of suburbia, with a couple uncomfortable and crowded party scenes well communicated by Bill Butler’s cinematography.

IMDb says Alan Jay Factor is playing Alan, but judging by other photos of him, he has a wordless cameo as the exec in the meeting taking Marjorie’s call. Alan the film editor appears to be John Nolan, who IMDb has as a party guest. Still not sure about that though. The party guests are tough to ID, as few get clear shots, and I still can't spot Spielberg himself.

-Dave W.

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Something Evil
21st January 1972

73 mins

Sandy Dennis
Marjorie Worden
Darren McGavin
Paul Worden
Jeff Corey
Johnny Whitaker
Stevie Worden
John Rubinstein
Ernest Lincoln
Ralph Bellamy
Harry Lincoln
David Knapp
Laurie Hagen
(as Laurie Hagan)
Herb Armstrong
Mr. Schiller
Margaret Avery
Norman Bartold
Mr. Hackett
Sheila Bartold
Mrs. Hackett
Lois Battle
Mrs. Faraday
Bella Bruck
Mrs. Gehrmann
Lynn Cartwright
Paul's Secretary
John J. Fox
Sound Man
Alan Jay Factor
Executive in Meeting
(as Alan Frost)
Carl Gottlieb
Party Guest
John Hudkins
Crane Jackson
Party Guest
(not 100% sure)
Michael Macready
Party Guest
Paul Micale
Mr. Faraday
Margaret Muse
Mrs. Schiller
John Nolan
Alan - Film Editor
(not 100% sure)
Connie Hunter Ragaway
Auditioning Singer
Elizabeth Rogers
Party Guest
Steven Spielberg
Party Guest
Bruno VeSota
Neighbor Hosting Party
(as Bruno Ve Sota)
Debbie Lempert
Laurie Worden
Sandy Lempert
Laurie Worden
Bob Harks
Film Crew Member

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