Tarzan's New York Adventure


Richard Thorpe
Production Company

A hunting party seeking circus animals takes Boy back to civilisation when Tarzan and Jane are apparently killed. The Tarz has to strike out for the Big Apple to reclaim him.

This Tarzan flick contains Courtroom drama by way of something different as Tarzan and Jane attempt to regain custody of their 'son' in a surprisingly mature segment for what would normally be fluff. Good stunts, effects and some nice 40s shots of NYC.

Tarzan's New York Adventure
8th June 2004

70 mins

Tarzan's New York AdventureThursday, Dec 9 2021TCM 6:45 pm
Johnny Weissmuller
Maureen O'Sullivan
Johnny Sheffield
Virginia Grey
Pilot's Girlfriend
Charles Bickford
Buck Rand
Paul Kelly
Jimmie Shields, Pilot
Chill Wills
Montford, Animal Trainer
Cy Kendall
Col. Sergeant
Russell Hicks
Judge Abbotson
Howard C. Hickman
Blake Norton
Charles Lane
Gould Beaton
Miles Mander
Wade Boteler
First Police Sergeant
Bill Cartledge
Messenger with Cablegram
Hobart Cavanaugh
Hotel Desk Clerk
Ken Christy
Second Police Sergeant
Jules Cowles
Courtroom Spectator
John Dilson
Court Clerk
William Forrest
Inspector at Airport
Willie Fung
Sun Lee, the Chinese Tailor
Anne Jeffreys
Young Woman
Darby Jones
Swahili Chief
Eddie Kane
Eddie, the Headwaiter
Milton Kibbee
Elmo Lincoln
Circus Roustabout
Frank Marlowe
Second Cab Driver
Patrick McVey
Harry Monty
Mantan Moreland
Dorothy Morris
Hat Check Girl
Harry Semels
Circus Roustabout
William Tannen
Mike, an Airport Clerk
Harry Tenbrook
Circus Roustabout Driving Car
Natalie Thompson
Telephone Operator
Emmett Vogan
Policeman Telephoning
Dick Wessel
First Cab Driver
Florence Wright
Young Woman
Victor Zimmerman