John G. Blystone

Laurel & Hardy feature length film begins at the end of WWI with Stan on guard duties whilst his comrades (including Ollie) go off to combat. Not realising that the war has ended, Stan is still there 20 years later guarding the trench until his story ends up in the newspaper and he becomes a hero. Upon hearing this Ollie decides to go and see him and bring him home for dinner. Big mistake.
You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to get a decent head shot of Laurel in this movie!

A re-make, in part, of their first sound short Unaccustomed As We Are (1929).

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19th August 1938

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Patricia Ellis
Mrs. Gilbert
Minna Gombell
Mrs. Hardy
Billy Gilbert
Mr. Gilbert
James Finlayson
Man on stairs
Tommy Bond
Neighbor's Son
Olin Francis
Apartment House Tenant in 910
Henry Hall
Soldier's Home Superintendant
Sam Lufkin
Patsy Moran
William Royle
Lieutenant in Trench
Harry Strang
Desk Clerk
Harry Woods
Beligerant Neighbor
Jean Del Val
French aviator

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