Topper Returns


Roy Del Ruth
Hal Roach Studios

Young woman with friend in tow arrives at a creepy house full of creepy servants to meet her long-estranged father and receive her inheritance. Friend is soon murdered by one of the creepy crowd, and her ghost enlists the help of Cosmo Topper (who has experience with ghosts, of course) to help solve her murder.

Third and last of the Topper series isn't really similar to the first two, but is by far the best. It is either a brilliant parody of the 'old dark house' film, or perhaps the epitome of them. Great cast (especially McBride's doofus cop) and a clever script; one of the few public domain standards that is worth watching everytime it gets shown. Evidentally they rebuilt Tara after the Civil War, because that's where the Toppers are living!

-Dave W.

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Topper Returns
21st March 1941

88 mins

Topper Returns (Image)
22nd August 2000

88 mins

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Joan Blondell
Gail Richards
Roland Young
Cosmo Topper
Carole Landis
Ann Carrington
Billie Burke
Clara Topper
Dennis O'Keefe
Patsy Kelly
Emily, the Toppers' Maid
H.B. Warner
Henry Carrington
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
(basically playing himself)
George Zucco
Dr. Jeris
Donald MacBride
Sergeant Roberts
Rafaela Ottiano
Lillian, the Housekeeper
Trevor Bardette
Rama, the Butler
William H. O'Brien
Second Butler
Eddy Chandler
Police Sergeant (Jim)
Brick Sullivan
Policeman (Darryl)
John Power
Policeman (uncredited)
Duke York
Sailor (uncredited)
George Lloyd
Boat Captain
John Kelly
Engine Room Sailor
Hook-Handed Sailor
Himself (uncredited)
Irene Martin
Joan Blondell's Stand-In

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