Unknown World


Terry O. Morse
(as Terrell O. Morse)
Lippert Pictures

Crackpot scientist believes mankind is doomed by the Atomic Age, and finding its best hope for survival lies inside the hollow earth, mounts an expedition there with a tunneling machine that looks like the unholy offspring of a Studebaker and a Dremel tool.

One of those irritating films where a narrator drones on and on explaining what's happening, instead of just letting the actors act. When they do get to act, all they do is argue, for reasons as ill-defined as their characters.

Well intentioned, but trite and pretty much pointless, typical of many early sci-fi films.

-Dave W.

26th October 1951

74 mins

Bruce Kellogg
Wright Thompson
Otto Waldis
Dr. Max A. Bauer
Jim Bannon
Andy Ostergaard
Tom Handley
Dr. James Paxton
Dick Cogan
Dr. George Coleman
George Baxter
Carlisle Foundation Chairman
Marilyn Nash
Dr. Joan Lindsey
Victor Kilian
Dr. Jeremiah Morley
Harold Miller
Carlisle Foundation Board Member

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