Blood of the Vampire


Henry Cass
Universal Pictures

Bizarre mad scientist/asylum movie is oddly vampire-lite. Worth it to see Donald Wolfit chew the scenery though.

-The Sloth

Doctor is wrongly sentenced to prison for attempting blood transfusions before science has advanced enough to see that as more than quackery. He ends up at an asylum where Dr. Callistratus is attempting similar experiments on his prisoners. Callistratus however is conducting said experiments because he is an executed criminal brought back to life by a heart transplant, and needs frequent blood transfusions to live!

Title is definitely a misnomer, and probably an attempt to ride Hammer's coattails, That's a shame, as this is a rather good and ambitious film that deserves a bit more credit than it has received. Certainly it's one of the first British films with gore elements. This resulted in many censorship cuts, a fact painfully obvious in current prints. Wolfit makes the most (and then some) of his part, but the honours go to Maddern's pathetically dignified, albeit murderous hunchback.

-Dave W.

15 October 2011: original screencaps
05 October 2013: uncredited roles added and other minor revisions

12th August 1958

85 mins

1st October 1958


21st November 2006

Donald Wolfit
Dr. Callistratus
Barbara Shelley
Madeleine Duval
Vincent Ball
Dr. John Pierre
Victor Maddern
William Devlin
Kurt Urach
Andrew Faulds
Wetzler, Head Guard
Bryan Coleman
Auron, Inspector of Prisons
John Le Mesurier
Bernard Bresslaw
Tall Sneak Thief
George Murcell
First Guard
Barbara Burke
Julian Strange
Second Guard
Hal Osmond
Small Sneak Thief
Bruce Wightman
Third Guard
(as Bruce Whiteman)
Colin Tapley
Commissioner of Prisons
John Stuart
Madeleine's Uncle
Henri Vidon
Prof. Bernhardt Meinster
(as Henry Vidon)
Theodore Wilhelm
Emaciated Prisoner
Cameron Hall
Drunken Doctor
Otto Diamant
Muriel Allen
Gypsy Dancer
(as Muriel Ali)
Max Brimmell
Denis Shaw
(as Dennis Shaw)
Milton Reid
(as Milton Read)
Richard Golding
Gordon Honeycombe
Stretcher Bearer
Carlos Williams
Stretcher Bearer
Sylvia Casimir
Laughing Woman in Tavern
Yvonne Buckingham
Serving Wench
Unknown 2052-01
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-02
Tavern Patron
Arthur Dibbs
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-04
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-05
Tavern Patron
Jack Hetherington
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-06
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-07
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-08
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-09
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-10
Tavern Patron
Billy Wilmot
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-12
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-13
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-14
Tavern Patron
Unknown 2052-15
Frederick Kelsey
Medical Board Member
Charles Wood
Medical Board Member
Unknown Male 5
Medical Board Member
Unknown 2052-17
Medical Board Member
John Payne
Man in Court
Jack Carter
Man in Court
Unknown 2052-18
Man in Court
Unknown 2052-19
Man in Court
Unknown 2052-20
Woan in Court
Unknown 2052-21
Man in Court
Alf Mangan
Unknown 2052-22
Unknown 2052-23
Unknown 2052-24
Unknown 2052-25
Unknown 2052-26
John Sullivan
Second Blacksmith
Unknown 2052-27
Asylum Inmate
Rex Garner
Asylum Inmate
Unknown 2052-29
Fourth Guard
Unknown 2052-30
Frozen Test Subject
Unknown 2052-31
Stunt Callistratus
Suzanne Lee
Undetermined Role
Patricia Phoenix
Undetermined Role

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