Vice Squad

The Girl In Room 17


Arnold Laven
United Artists
Production Company

An elderly gentleman is the only witness to the murder of a police officer, but he refuses to co-operate because it would then force him to confess of his whereabouts with a woman he has been secretly seeing at nights.

Great little black & white film noir with Porter Hall as the unfortunate man in the wrong place at the wrong time - you do have to feel sorry for the guy...

Never given an official release on VHS or DVD, but available on DVD-R through Amazon

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18th July 1953

Edward G. Robinson
Captain Barnaby
Paulette Goddard
Mona Ross
K.T. Stevens
Porter Hall
Jack Hartrampf
Adam Williams
Marty Kusalich
Edward Binns
Al Barkis
Barry Kelley
Dwight Foreman
Jay Adler
Frankie Pierce
Mary Ellen Kay
Carol Lawson
Joan Vohs
Vickie Webb
Lee Van Cleef
Pete Monty
Harlan Warde
Detective Lacey
Dan Riss
Lt. Bob Imlay
Lewis Martin
Police Lt. Ed Chisolm
Byron Kane
Professor Bruno Varney
William Boyett
Officer Kellogg
Leonard Bremen
Fred (Desk sergeant)
Edgar Dearing
Fitz - Lineup Detective
Edward Earle
Vault Teller
Percy Helton
Mr. Jenner
Robert Karnes
Mickey Knox
Marv Atkinson (cop)
Lee Phelps
Vickie's Apartment Manager
Lorin Raker
Mr. Moore - Lineup Witness
Charles Tannen
John Verros
Count Alfredo Giovanni de Montova
Christine White
Miss Easton
Mack Williams
Mr. Shaefer
William Woodson
Dave - Undercover Detective
Anna (cop)
Funeral Director secretary

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