The Way Ahead

Immortal Battalion


Carol Reed

Good WWII flagwaver set in North Africa revolving around a mixed bag of recruits being readied for action.

Vidcaps courtesy Chris Survela & Geoffers

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9th June 1944

Immortal Battalion
3rd June 1945

17th May 2004

David Niven
Lieutenant Jim Perry
Stanley Holloway
James Donald
John Laurie
Leslie Dwyer
Hugh Burden
Bill Parsons
Jimmy Hanley
Pvt. Geoffrey Stainer
William Hartnell
Sgt. Ned Fletcher
Esma Cannon
Mrs. Ted Brewer
Reginald Tate
The Training Company Commanding Officer
John Ruddock
Old Chelsea Soldier
A. Bromley Davenport
Old Chelsea Soldier (as Bromley Davenport)
Mary Jerrold
Mrs. Gillingham
Raymond Lovell
Mr. Jackson, Garage Owner
A.E. Matthews
Colonel Walmsley
Lloyd Pearson
Sam Thyrtle
Penelope Dudley Ward
Mrs. Perry (as Penelope Ward)
Eileen Erskine
Mrs. Hilda Parsons
Grace Arnold
Mrs. Ned Fletcher
Quentin Reynolds
Himself (American version)
Renée Asherson
Marjorie Gillingham
John Blythe
John Boxer
Soldier in Pub Talking To The Old Soldiers
Peggy Carlisle
Maisie, the station barmaid
Leo Genn
Captain Edwards
Alf Goddard
Trevor Howard
Officer on Ship
Raymond Huntley
David Hutcheson
Garage Customer in Car
Andreas Malandrinos
Gendarme In Cafe
George Merritt
The Sergeant-Major
Alexandra Mikellatos
Mrs Maria Rispoli
Tessie O'Shea
Tracy Reed
The Perry's Daughter
John Salew
Sam, Friend of Pvt Lloyd in Pub Scene
Johnnie Schofield
Lewis Gun Instructor.
Peter Ustinov
Rispoli: Cafe owner
Elsie Wagstaff
Mrs Daniels
Jack Watling
Sgt. Buster, Marjorie's boyfriend
Ben Williams
Pessimistic Man Talking to Old Soldiers