Whose Life Is It Anyway?


John Badham

Action director, John Badham, turns in an excellent version of the long running play concerning an individuals right to control his own destiny after an accident leaves him completely paralysed. Funny, touching and tackles several big issues without becoming maudlin. Highly recommended.
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22nd May 2007

118 mins

Richard Dreyfuss
Ken Harrison
John Cassavetes
Dr. Michael Emerson
Christine Lahti
Dr. Clare Scott
Bob Balaban
Carter Hill
Kenneth McMillan
Judge Wyler
Kaki Hunter
Mary Jo Sadler
Thomas Carter
Orderly John
Alba Oms
Nurse Rodriguez
Janet Eilber
Kathryn Grody
Mrs. Boyle
George Wyner
Dr. Jacobs
Mel Stewart
Dr. Barr
Ward Costello
Mr. Eden
Lyman Ward
Emergency Room Doctor
Alan Stock
3rd Year Student
Jeffrey Combs
1st year intern
John Garber
Dorothy Meyer
2nd Nurse
Tony Simotes
Orthopedic Surgeon