The Woman In Black


Herbert Wise

Solicitor sent to handle a widow's estate in an isolated corner of coastal England begins to be haunted by the spectre of a woman in black. No one in town will speak of it, but slowly a tragedy makes itself known. Unfortunately, the story behind the haunting is all revealed a bit too late. . .

Slow-moving ghost story will probably not appeal to those raised to think Paranormal Activity-type dreck is scary, but the air of inexorable dread created by this film is far more frightening. The idea of the vengeful spirit who will have her justice, no matter what, no matter whether it is deserved or not, is a particularly British one, and The Woman in Black is a fine example (and also of the ghost story at Christmas, another British tradition). Based on an excellent novel by Susan Hill, but differing in key ways, especially the ending.

Remade in 2012, with Harry Potter in the role his onscreen father played a quarter-century earlier.

-Dave W.

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The Woman in Black
24th December 1989

101 mins

The Woman In Black
8th August 2000

101 mins

Adrian Rawlins
Arthur Kidd
Bernard Hepton
Sam Toovey
David Daker
Josiah Freston
Pauline Moran
Woman in Black
David Ryall
Clare Holman
Stella Kidd
John Cater
Arnold Pepperell
John Franklyn-Robbins
Reverend Greet
Fiona Walker
Margaret Toovey
William Simons
John Keckwick
Robin Weaver
Caroline John
Stella's Mother
Joseph Upton
Eddie Kidd
Steven Mackintosh
Andy Nyman
(as Andrew Nyman)
Robert Hamilton
Mr. Girdler
Trevor Cooper
Alison King
Gypsy Woman
Peter Guinness
Stall Holder
Timothy Block
Lorry Man
Albie Woodington
Mary Lawlor
Gypsy Child
Clare Thomson
Gypsy Child
David Keyes
Football Hooligan
Tony Red Richards
Guy Standeven
Pat Gorman
Pub Patron

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