The Bofors Gun


Jack Gold

A bombardier is given a guard duty assignment for his last night in Germany, to protect the Bofors gun...Unfortunately his troops include a belligerent.

Nicol Williamson's bombastic troubled monster is clearly trouble from the get-go and set up against Warner's somewhat wet officer-in-the-making...well. Riveting and reminds me why I never wanted to join the army.


David Warner
Lance Bombardier Evans
Glynn Edwards
Sergeant-Major West
Gareth Forwood
Lt. Pickering
Lindsay Campbell
Captain Cheeseman
Ian Holm
Gunner Flynn
Donald Gee
Gunner Crowley
Richard O'Callaghan
Gunner Rowe
Barry Jackson
Gunner Shone
John Thaw
Gunner Featherstone
Nicol Williamson
Gunner O'Rourke
Peter Vaughan
Sergeant Walker
Geoffrey Hughes
Cook-Private Samuel
Barbara Jefford
Hein Viljoen
Gunner in NAAFI