Elephants Never Forget


Gordon Douglas

Could this have been the first time ever that Hardy received top billing in a film? With the obvious lack of Stan Laurel (due to a contract dispute with producer Hal Roach), Ollie plays a town doctor in a small western town in 1870, who, against his better judgment ends up treating a sick circus elephant (Zenobia). But when its owner (a very irritating and unlikeable Langdon) realises his favourite pet is more affectionate to the doctor than himself his jealousy leads him into taking action.

Hard-to-find movie which is historical if only for the fact that it's nice to see Hardy's acting capabilities without Stan, and also playing a straight role for a change.

Oliver Hardy
Dr. Henry Tibbett
Harry Langdon
Professor McCrackle
Billie Burke
Mrs. Bessie Tibbett
Alice Brady
Mrs. Emily Carter
James Ellison
Jeff Carter
Jean Parker
Mary Tibbett
June Lang
Virginia Reynolds
Olin Howland
Attorney Culpepper
J. Farrell MacDonald
Stepin Fetchit
Hattie McDaniel
Philip Hurlic
Hobart Cavanaugh
Mr. Dover
Clem Bevans
Tommy Mack
Mr. Miller, the butcher
Robert Dudley
Court Clerk
Chester Conklin
Jack George
Harry Myers
Guest who didn't mind

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