Wes Craven
Dimension Films
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A spate of murders start up in the quiet California town of Woodsboro. The killer, wearing the now-infamous white ghost face mask, stalks and slices his (mostly) teen victims with no apparent motive as the deputy sheriff tries to solve the identity of who is responsible.

A screenplay jam-packed with movie references and a handful of red herrings, it is widely acknowledged for being the film that kick-started the horror genre of the 90s; it spawned two decent sequels and although the formula was much of what had been seen before, there was something fresh and inventive about this series.

See also Scream 2 (1997), and Scream 3 (2000).

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18th December 1996

2nd May 1997

Scream (Special Collector's Edition)
8th December 1998


Scream (Special Edition/ Old Version)
31st July 2001


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David Arquette
Deputy Dewey Riley
Neve Campbell
Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox
Gail Weathers
Matthew Lillard
Stuart 'Stu' Macher
Rose McGowan
Tatum Riley
Skeet Ulrich
Billy Loomis
Jamie Kennedy
Randy Meeks
W. Earl Brown
Kenneth Jones
Joseph Whipp
Sheriff Burke
Liev Schreiber
Cotton Weary
Drew Barrymore
Casey Becker
Lisa Beach
TV Reporter #1
Kurtis Bedford
Bored Teen
Troy Bishop
Expelled Teen #1
Linda Blair
Nasty Reporter
David Booth
Mr. Becker
Lisa Canning
Reporter with Mask
Wes Craven
Fred, the janitor
Carla Hatley
Mrs. Becker
Lawrence Hecht
Neil Prescott
Ryan Kennedy
Expelled Teen #2
Tony Kilbert
TV Reporter #2
Kenny Kwong
Party Teen #2
Frances Lee McCain
Mrs. Riley
C. W. Morgan
Hank Loomis
Nancy Anne Ridder
Girl in Bathroom
Lois Saunders
Mrs. Tate
Leonora Scelfo
Cheerleader in Bathroom
Kevin Patrick Walls
Steven Orth
Henry Winkler
Principal Himbry
Bonnie Wood
Young Girl in Video Store
Aurora Draper
Party Teen #1
Roger L. Jackson
Ghost Face Phone Voice
[voice only]
Angela Miller
Girl on Couch
Justin Sullivan
Teen on Couch
Book Store Propriertor

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