One Good Turn


Down on their luck and starving, Stan & Ollie stop at an elderly woman's house to beg for food. However, her good deed for them seems to have cost her when the landlord turns up and threatens to throw her out on the street. Unbeknownst to the boys, she is simply rehearsing a play, and they venture into town to raise money to 'save her' by selling their car at auction.
This 2-reeler has some fine moments of comedy and a great sketch with Laurel going bezerk with an axe and trying to harm Hardy, but it also somehow manages to lack the ingredients for belly laughs.

31st October 1931

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Mary Carr
Old Lady
James Finlayson
Community Player
Gordon Douglas
Community Player
Billy Gilbert
Dorothy Granger
Community Player
'Snub' Pollard
Community Player
Lyle Tayo
Community Player

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