You've Got Mail


Nora Ephron

Two complete strangers begin an on-line friendship after meeting in an internet chatroom, not realising that in the real world they are rival book shop proprietors.
Ingenious idea of a movie, and the third time that Hanks and Ryan have played together; the previous two being Joe versus The Volcano (1990), and Sleepless In Seattle (1993).

A re-working of the 1940 movie The Shop Around The Corner, starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan.

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You've Got Mail
4th May 1999


Tom Hanks
Joe Fox
Meg Ryan
Kathleen Kelly
Greg Kinnear
Frank Navasky
Parker Posey
Patricia Eden
Jean Stapleton
Birdie Conrad
Steve Zahn
George Pappas
Heather Burns
Christina Plutzker
Dave Chappelle
Kevin Jackson
Dabney Coleman
Nelson Fox
John Randolph
Schulyler Fox
Deborah Rush
Veronica Grant
Hallee Hirsh
Annabelle Fox
Katie Sagona
Young Kathleen Kelly
Jane Adams
Sydney Anne
Michael Badalucco
Charles, Elevator Man
Veanne Cox
Miranda Margulies
Katie Finneran
Maureen, the nanny
Mary A. Kelly
Fox Customer
Chris Messina
Fox Salesman
Maggie Murphy
Theater Patron
Sara Ramirez
Rose, Zabars Cashier
Jeffrey Scaperrotta
Matthew Fox
Cara Seymour
Gillian Quinn
Howard Spiegel
Henry, Zabars Shopper

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