Bride of the Gorilla


Curt Siodmak
Jack Broder Productions Inc.
Production Company
Realart Pictures

Tale of revenge and monsters set in the Amazon jungle, with Burr not sure if he is turning into a gorilla-like monster or going crazy.

Much better than its PD status and exploitative title would indicate, but it is safe to say Sidomak was a better writer than director. The whole cast is good, but Chaney fares best, even if he's probably not the first casting choice that comes to mind for a Brazilian police commissioner. . .

Incidentally, the monster depicted in the film, the succarath, is a "real" cryptozoological beast, though it was from Patagonia and not the Amazon rain forest.

-Dave W.

1st October 1951

65 mins

Barbara Payton
Mrs. Dina Van Gelder
Lon Chaney Jr.
Police Commissioner Taro
(as Lon Chaney)
Raymond Burr
Barney Chavez
Tom Conway
Dr. Viet
Paul Cavanagh
Klaas Van Gelder
Gisela Werbisek
(as Giselle Werbisek)
Carol Varga
Paul Maxey
Van Heusen
Woody Strode
Nedo - Policeman
Martin Garralaga
Head Native Rubber Tapper
Felippa Rock
Stella Van Heusen
Moyna MacGill
Mme. Van Heusen
Unknown 2457
Native Servant
Unknown 2457
Police Secretary
Augie Gomez
Native Rubber Tapper
Art Felix
Native Rubber Tapper
Unknown 2457
Native Rubber Tapper
Tony Urchel
Native Rubber Tapper
Unknown 2457
Native Rubber Tapper
Unknown 2457
Native Rubber Tapper
Steve Calvert

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