Brigham Young


Henry Hathaway
20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Story of the Mormons given the big-budget historical melodrama treatment. A respectful but stiff film, with some fine performances, though of course historical accuracy was not high on Hollywood's priority list. It is accurate in pointing out that America has always been intolerant of anyone different (if you don't believe that, take a look around). Interesting to see Vincent Price and John Carradine onscreen together and muse upon their future careers!

Note: Many sources list the title as "Brigham Young - Frontiersman" but this was a promotional title, and is nowhere in the actual film. Also, IMDb lists Eddy Waller as "Man with California Gold News," but I am certain someone confused him with Paul E. Burns (either that or he was recast).

-Dave W

27th September 1940

114 mins

Tyrone Power
Jonathan Kent, the Mormon Scout
Linda Darnell
Zina Webb, the Outsider
Brian Donlevy
Angus Duncan
Jane Darwell
Eliza Kent
John Carradine
Porter Rockwell
Mary Astor
Mary Ann Young
Vincent Price
Joseph Smith
Jean Rogers
Clara Young
Ann E. Todd
Mary Kent
(as Ann Todd)
Dean Jagger
Brigham Young
Willard Robertson
Heber Kimball
Moroni Olsen
Doc Richards
Marc Lawrence
Stanley Andrews
Hyrum Smith
Frank M. Thomas
Hubert Crum
(as Frank Thomas)
Fuzzy Knight
(Frog Jump Contest Judge)
Dickie Jones
Henry Kent
Selmer Jackson
Caleb Kent
Frederick Burton
Mr. Webb
Arthur Aylesworth
Jim Bridger
Chief John Big Tree
Big Elk
(as Chief Big Tree)
Davison Clark
Claire Du Brey
Emma Smith
Tully Marshall
Dick Rich
Mob Leader
Ralph Dunn
Jury Foreman
Edwin Maxwell
Another Mob Leader
Edmund MacDonald
George Melford
John Taylor
Russell Simpson
Charles Middleton
Mob Member
Philip Morris
Mob Member
Lee Shumway
Mob Member
David Kirkland
Elder (uncredited)
Herbert Heywood
Jokester (uncredited)
Louis Mason
Man Laughing at Joke
Blackie Whiteford
Court Spectator
Frank LaRue
Sheriff (uncredited)
William Haade
Skeptic (uncredited)
Jody Gilbert
Stout Woman Who Can't Swim
Paul E. Burns
Man with California Gold News
Frank Shannon
Second Man with California Gold News
Hank Worden
Man at Frog Jump Contest
Ruth Robinson
Discouraged Mormon
Cammilla Johnson
Young Girl (uncredited)
Cullen Johnson
Boy in Covered Wagon
Payne B. Johnson
Boy in Covered Wagon
Imboden Parrish
Man (uncredited)
Cecil Weston
Woman (uncredited)
Edmund Elton
Undetermined Role
Murdock MacQuarrie
Undetermined Role
John Roy
Undetermined Role
Harry Tyler
Undetermined Role

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