What the Swedish Butler Saw

Champagnegalopp, My Favorite Butler


Vernon P. Becker

Assorted softcore shennanigans revolving around Ollie Soltoft's attempts to get the underwear off the delectable Ms. Longhurst. Somehow Jack the Ripper and Diana Dors show up as well. It was called My Favorite Butler when I saw it last on, what was, an appalling VHS tranfer, I hope things have improved. For die-hard fans of 70s naughtiness.

26th September 2005

Ole Søltoft
Jack Armstrong
Sue Longhurst
Alice Faversham
Charlie Elvegard
Malou Cartwright
Martin Young
Jack the Ripper
Diana Dors
Madam Helena
Joe Grey
Judge Pettibone
Steven Lund
Jack as a Boy
Larry Leonard
Mr Pendleton
Peter Rose
Rev. Faversham
Julie Bernby
Mrs Faversham
Barry Melvin
Police Inspector
Neal Lund
Police Officer
Barbara Hart
Jack's Mother
Gil Holmes
Jack's Father
Tina Monell
Marion Faversham