Erin Brockovich


Steven Soderbergh

When twice-divorced single mother Erin Brockovich finds herself with no money, no job and no prospects, she thinks her life can't get any worse. That is until she is involved in a car accident from which her lawyer, Ed Masry fails to win her any kind of settlement. With little alternative, Erin manages to browbeat Ed into offering her a job in the law firm as compensation for the loss. ~ DVD sleeve notes.

Julia Roberts at her supreme best in the film that won her a much-deserved Academy Award.

17th March 2000

Julia Roberts
Erin Brockovich
Albert Finney
Ed Masry
Aaron Eckhart
Marg Helgenberger
Donna Jensen
Cherry Jones
Pamela Duncan
Veanne Cox
Theresa Dallavale
Conchata Ferrell
Tracey Walter
Charles Embry
David Brisbin
Dr Jaffe
Joe Chrest
Tom Robinson
Peter Coyote
Kurt Potter
Gemmenne De La Pena
Dawn Didawick
Jack Gill
Jamie Harrold
Scotty Leavenworth
Pat Skipper
Defending Lawyer
George Rocky Sullivan
Los Angeles Judge
Meredith Zinner
Mandy Robinson
Scott Allen
Town Meeting Plaintiff
Ron Altomare
Biker Friend
Sarah Ashley
Ashley Jensen
Adilah Barnes
Erin Brockovich
Charles John Bukey
Biker Friend
Jason Carvantes
Check Messenger
Gina Gallego
Ms Sanchez
Ronald E. Hairston
Car Messenger
Michael Harney
Pete Jensen
Mimi Kennedy
Laura Ambrosino
Matthew Kimbrough
Irene Olga López
Mrs Morales
Randy Lowell
Brian Frankel
William Lucking
Bob Linwood
Christina Malota
Annabelle Daniels
Emily Marks
Beth (8 Months)
Julie Marks
Beth (8 Months)
Larry Martinez
Nelson Perez
Irina V. Passmore
Ashley Pimental
Beth (18 Months)
Brittany Pimental
Beth (18 Months)
Scarlett Pomers
Shanna Jensen
Cordelia Richards
Rita Daniels
Valente Rodriguez
Michael Shamberg
PG&E Lawyer
Sheila Shaw
Ruth Linwood
Leroy A. Simmons
Judge Leroy A. Simmons
Don Snell
PG&E Lawyer
Scott Sowers
Mike Ambrosino
T.J. Thyne
David Foil
Wade Williams
Ted Daniels

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