Black Widow


Vernon Sewell
Hammer Films
Production Company

Guy gets amnesia after being blackjacked and his car stolen. Regaining his memory, he returns to his home and wife. He gets a bit suspicious when his wife carries on with his funeral. The rest you can sort of guess from the title. . .

Early Hammer is basic, but enjoyable, especially watching Ayres (better than usual here) turn the tables on his would-be murderers. Never on DVD, only on VHS some two decades ago, so apologies for the poor caps.

-Dave W.

The Black Widow
22nd October 1951

62 mins

Christine Norden
Christine Sherwin
Robert Ayres
Mark Sherwin
Anthony Forwood
Paul Kenton
Jennifer Jayne
Sheila Kemp
John Longden
Mr. Kemp
John Harvey
Dr. Wallace
Reginald Dyson
Police Sergeant
Madoline Thomas
Mrs. Gladstone
Joan Carol
Jill Hulbert
Helen, Kemp's Maid
Bill Hodge
Unknown 25355
Car Thief

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