The Brotherhood of the Bell


Paul Wendkos

Professor Andrew Patterson finds himself caught up in a labyrinthine nightmare after returning to his old college, St. George. Years before while a student at the college, Patterson joined a secret society-the Brothers of the Bell. Now the Bell gives Patterson an assignment-to make sure his colleague and good friend, Professor Konstantin Horvathy, declines a position he was offered. The Bell wants it for someone else. Patterson is given a file on people who helped Horvathy defect to the West some time before; when Patterson confronts Horvathy says he will use the list, Horvathy committs suicide. Patterson is riddled with guilt and decides to bring down the Bell, losing nearly everything in the process, including his marriage, his father, and finally his mind. Gripping TV film is enhanced by a believable script, great direction, and acting from the entire cast.

-Scott Palmer

17th September 1970
TV Movie

100 mins

Glenn Ford
Prof. Andrew Patterson
Dean Jagger
Chad Harmon
Rosemary Forsyth
Vivian Patterson
William Conrad
Bart Harris
Maurice Evans
Harry Masters
Will Geer
Mike Patterson
Eduard Franz
Dr. Konstantin Horvathy
Robert Pine
Phillip Dunning
William Smithers
Dr. Jerry Fisher
Logan Field
Thaddeus Burns
Dabney Coleman
Scott Graham
James McEachin
Police Detective
Robert Brubaker
Bell Operative
Robert Clarke
Dr. Louis Bauier
Virginia Gilmore
Woman in Audience
Lisabeth Hush
Betty Fielder
Mark Roberts
District Attorney Avery Hazelton
Leon Lontoc
Harmon Servant
Joe Brooks
Minor Role
Marc Hannibal
Minor Role

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