One Hour Photo


Mark Romanek
Fox Searchlight
Production Company

A friendly, slightly disturbed, middle-aged photolab technician (Williams) becomes obsessed with a family whom he develops photographs for, secretly making extra prints from their photos for his own personal stimulation. When the boss realises there is a substantial amount of unaccounted for discrepencies with his work he is fired from his job. As he works his final few days he stumbles across an intimate photograph involving the husband from the family and a strange beautiful woman....which drives him over the edge on a destructive path of revenge.

Incredible performance from Williams, making the most from a dark plot which gives him freedom to really explore the role.

13th January 2002

13th September 2002

4th October 2002

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Robin Williams
Sy Parrish
Connie Nielsen
Nina Yorkin
Michael Vartan
Will Yorkin
Gary Cole
Bill Owens
Erin Daniels
Maya Burson
Clark Gregg
Det. Paul Outerbridge
Nick Searcy
Larry the Repairman
Dylan Smith
Jake Yorkin
Eriq La Salle
Det. James Van Der Zee
Marion Calvert
Mrs Von Unwerth
Robert Clotworthy
Eye Surgeon
Andy Comeau
Kenneth Dixon
Security Guard
Lee Garlington
Izrel Katz
Paul H. Kim
Yoshi Araki
Peter MacKenzie
Hotel Desk Manager
David Moreland
Mr. Siskind
Shaun P. O'Hagan
Young Father
Jim Rash
Amateur Porn Guy
Andy Rolfes
Officer Lyon
Jimmy Shubert
Soccer Coach
Jeana Wilson
Nurse Cindy

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