A Mighty Wind


Gentle observational satire from Christopher Guest who seems to be the closest thing America has to Mike Leigh. Not sidesplitting, but many great moments. Fred Willard steals every scene he's in. This one concerns a folk music festival. One folk trio in particular may have an amplifier that goes to eleven.
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12th March 2003
SXSW Festival

16th April 2003

3rd October 2005

9th February 2016

Jim Moret
Stuart Luce
Irving Steinbloom
Mary Gross
Ma Klapper
Marty Belafsky
Ramblin' Sandy Pitnik
Michael Baser
Pa Klapper
Jared Nelson Smith
Young Chuck Wiseman
Ryan Raddatz
Bill Weyburn
Todd Lieberman
Fred Knox
Matthew Joy
Boy Klapper
Laura Harris
Girl Klapper
Brian Riley
Young George Menschell
Harry Shearer
Mark Shubb
Michael McKean
Jerry Palter
Christopher Guest
Alan Barrows
Eugene Levy
Mitch Cohen
Catherine O'Hara
Mickey Crabbe
Bob Balaban
Jonathan Steinbloom
Rachael Harris
Steinbloom's Assistant
Tyler Forsberg
Young Jonathan Steinbloom
Paul Dooley
George Menschell
Jim Ortlieb
David Kantor
Andrew Dickler
1971 Dell Wiseman
Thomas Lowry
1971 Howard Wiseman
Keva Rosenfeld
1971 Chuck Wiseman
Brian Allen
1960s Mitch & Mickey Bass
Danny Merritt
1960s Mitch & Mickey Guitar
Paul Benedict
Martin Berg
Floyd Van Buskirk
Steve Lang
Jane Lynch
Laurie Bohner
John Michael Higgins
Terry Bohner
Parker Posey
Sissy Knox
Christopher Moynihan
Sean Halloran
David Blasucci
Tony Pollono
Patrick Sauber
Jerald Smithers
Steve Pandis
Johnny Athenakis
Mark Nonisa
Mike Maryama
Cameron Sprague
Young Terry Bohner
Leshay Tomlinson
Steinbloom's Secretary
Mina Kolb
Dr Mildred Wickes
Jim Piddock
Leonard Crabbe
Don Lake
Elliott Steinbloom
Deborah Theaker
Naomi Steinbloom
Fred Willard
Mike LaFontaine
Ed Begley Jr.
Lars Olfen
Wendel Meldrum
Diane Delano
James Jennewein
Richard Hicks
Michael Hitchcock
Lawrence E. Turpin
Larry Miller
Wally Fenton
Jennifer Coolidge
Amber Cole
Michael Mantell
Deputy Mayor
Bill Cobbs
Blues Musician
Freda Foh Shen
Melinda Barrows
Darlene Kardon
Shirley Steinbloom
Scott Williamson
PBN TV Director
Joe Godfrey
Mitch & Mickey Bass
Bruce Gaitsch
Mitch & Mickey Guitar
Diane Baker
Supreme Folk Defence Lawyer

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