Queen Kong


Frank Agrama

Cheeky UK spoof of all-things Kong. Strictly for fans of 70s UK comedy, all others beware! Double-billed with the delightfully titled White Pongo, a piece of 1945 Kong droppings.
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20th December 2005

Robin Askwith
Ray Fay
Rula Lenska
Luce Habit
Valerie Leon
Queen of the Nabongas
Roger Hammond
John Clive
Carol Drinkwater
Ima Goodbody
Brian Godfrey
Second Actor
Anthony Morton
Antique Dealer
Fiona Curzon
Police Secretary
Stanley Platts
Chief Constable
Linda Hayden
The Singing Nun
Barbara Allen
Crew Girl
Suzy Arthur
Crew Girl
Lela Babbick
Crew Girl
Melita Clarke
Crew Girl
Jeannie Collings
Crew Girl
Kathryn Hayes
Crew girl
Annette Lynton
Crew Girl
Vicki Michelle
Crew Girl
Geraldine Gardner
Crew Girl
Chai Lee
Native Girl
Eva Louise
Native Girl
Tawny Sands
Native Guide
Wilma Russell
Native Girl
Mireille Allonville
Maggy Armitage
Harold Berens
Man in Phone Booth
Anna Bergman
Crew Girl
Maj Britt
Native Dancer
Jeannette Charles
HM The Queen
Derek Deadman
Felicity Devonshire
Native Dancer
Rachel Dix
Bunny Girl
Brigette Fry
Native Dancer
Caron Gardner
Marta Gillot
Native Girl
Christina Halstead
Native Dancer
Zoe Hendry
Native Dancer
Maria Holmes
Paddy Joyce
Man in Aeroplane
Gaynor Martine
Native Dancer
Marianne Morris
Girl on Billboard
Mandy Perryment
Native Dancer
Dino Shafeek
Lamona Snow
Native Dancer
Angela Staines
Native Dancer
Marilyn Thomas
Police Woman
Reg Thomason
Airline Pilot
Garth Watkins
Fred Wood
Nabonga Sacrifice to Queen Kong

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