Dead Silence


James Wan

Mary Shaw, a mad ventriloquist who wants to create the perfect doll, even from beyond the grave; succeeds in as nasty a way as possible...

One of the few truly original horror films to come out in recent years (thus ensuring it flopped in theatres), Wan's Dead Silence manages to create a nasty mythology in its tale. Visually memorable and grisly, but could benefit from some stronger leads. Wahlberg in particular ruins the tone of the iflm with his lame scenery chewing. ~ Dave Wright.

Director James Wan takes a break from the Saw series to helm this dark tale of animated ventriloquist dummies. Visually sumptuous horror nastiness from a director who knows the power of creepy dolls. Donnie Wahberg and Amber Valleta star. ~ Wearysloth

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16th March 2007

6th July 2007

Ryan Kwanten
Amber Valletta
Donnie Wahlberg
Det. Jim Lipton
Michael Fairman
Henry Walker
Joan Heney
Marion Walker
Bob Gunton
Edward Ashen
Laura Regan
Dmitry Chepovetsky
Richard Walker
Judith Roberts
Mary Shaw
Keir Gilchrist
Young Henry
Steven Taylor
Michael Ashen
Steve Adams
1941 Detective
Shelley Peterson
Lisa's Mom
Enn Reitel
Billy (voice)
Fred Tatasciore
Clown (voice)
Austin Majors
Michael Ashen (voice)

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