Reign Over Me


Mike Binder
Sony Pictures

A successful dentist renews an old acquaintance with a college buddy who has had a breakdown.

Inside every comic actor is a mawkish dramatic diva struggling to get out. The sort of movie wild horses couldn't normally drag me to, concerning as it does the neuroses of affluent New Yorker's. Sandler's Unhappy Gilmore wanders through the flick like he has a bad cold and has overdone the NyQuil. Despite this, despite this I find myself gripped and wanting to see how it all resolves mostly thanks to Cheadle's sweet natured turn as the hapless buddy.

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23rd March 2007

9th October 2007

124 mins

Adam Sandler
Charlie Fineman
Don Cheadle
Alan Johnson
Jada Pinkett Smith
Janeane Johnson
Liv Tyler
Angela Oakhurst
Saffron Burrows
Donna Remar
Donald Sutherland
Judge Raines
Robert Klein
Jonathan Timpleman
Melinda Dillon
Ginger Timpleman
Mike Binder
Bryan Sugarman
Jonathan Banks
Rae Allen
Adell Modell
Paula Newsome
John de Lancie
Nigel Pennington
Paul Butler
George Johnson
Camille LaChe Smith
Cherie Johnson
(as Camille LaChe-Smith)
Imani Hakim
Jocelyn Johnson
Denise Dowse
Psychiatric Hospital Therapist
Anthony Chisholm
William Johnson
B.J. Novak
Mr. Fallon
Jessica Golden
Night Club Comic
Ted Raimi
Peter Savarino
Harris Peet
Molly Binder
Becky Fishman
Tommy Nohilly
Robert Harvey
Dental Partner
Nick Taylor
Taxi Driver
M.D. Walton
New York Police Officer #1
Chad Brigockas
New York Police Officer #2
(as Chad R. Brigockas)
Elizabeth Andrews
Sugarman's Secretary
Neal Young
New Dental Patient
(as Neal Robert Young)
Lela Loren
Dental Hygienist
Gina Fricchione
Dr. Johnson's Waiting Room Patient
Joey King
Gina Fineman