Brendan Foley

Curiosity concerning a Charles Dickens manuscript that contains clues to a murder! No great shakes but enjoyable enough. Given away 'free' with the Daily Mail which marks an interesting experiment.

Last film for Gareth Hunt, RIP.

19th August 2008

116 mins

Vinnie Jones
Mike Sullivan
Derek Jacobi
The Tramp
Julie Cox
Kate Merrill
Vanessa Redgrave
Roberta Elliot
Jason Flemyng
Don Roberts
P. H. Moriarty
DI Willis
Mel Smith
Professor Cranshaw
Vera Day
Sadie Miller
Mark Asante
Long Bob Elvin
Harry the Hat
Elly Fairman
Veronica Miller
Michael Fenton-Stevens
Alistair Forsyth MP
Gareth Hunt
Roy McBride
Kenny Lynch
Shotgun Ronnie White
Clemmie Myers
Margot & Alice Abercrombie

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