The Happening


Underated and critically bashed by just about everyone who saw it, this is one of Shyamalan's most intriguing movies. I wont give too much away as to the plot, but see it for yourself and make your own judgment instead of listening to the bad reviews it unfairly received. And just for the fans....Shyamalan's cameo is a voice-only telephone call.~ Lord Heath

Eco horror from M. Night Shyamalan and another turn for the disappointing - that'll teach him to start off so well. Some creepy visuals but sunk by sloppy plotting and dialogue. Day of the Triffids remake anyone? ~ The Sloth

13th June 2008

13th June 2008

7th October 2008

91 mins

7th October 2008

91 mins

Mark Wahlberg
Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschanel
Alma Moore
John Leguizamo
Betty Buckley
Mrs. Jones
Frank Collison
Nursery Owner
Ashlyn Sanchez
Spencer Breslin
Robert Bailey
Frank Aptacy
Dog Walker (very first scene of film after credits)
Sophie Burke
Laura (student in class)
Don Castro
Philadelphia Police Officer
Bill Chemerka
Taxi Driver
Rich Chew
Jeep passenger
Victoria Clark
Nursery Owner's Wife
Kristen Connolly
Woman on bench in Central Park
Joel de la Fuente
Mr. Collins, realtor
St├ęphane Debac
French Bicyclist
Jann Ellis
Philadelphia Woman with Dog
Alison Folland
Claire (woman reading on bench with hair pin)
Rick Foster
Railway Police Officer
Derege Harding
Train Conductor
Kathy Lee Hart
Vice Principal
Robert Lenzi
Jake (student in class)
Shayna Levine
Teenage Girl in Jeep
Megan Mazaika
Jeep passenger
Curtis L. McClarin
Construction Worker (telling the joke)
Brian C. O'Halloran
Jeep Driver
Alan Ruck
Charlie Saxton
Dylan (student in class)
Greg Smith Aldridge
Zoo Employee with Lions
Jeremy Strong
Private Auster MP
Cyrille Thouvenin
Bicycle Man's friend
Ukee Washington
Himself/News Anchor
Cornell Womack
Construction Foreman
Peter Appel
Diner owner
Ashley Brimfield
Woman in Group
Helen Chong
Michael Den Dekker
Construction Worker
Babita Hariani
Jeannie Ran, Medical correspondant
Mara Hobel
Roberto Lombardi
Father in Elliott's Group
Robyn McCloskey
Kerry O'Malley
Woman on cell phone
Mauricio Ovalle
Construction crew
Nikki Prantil
Armand Schultz
Talk show host
Stephen Singer
Dr. Ross

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