One of the best ever TV miniseries concerning the life and times of the Weiss family who are torn apart during WWII. Excellent work all round with standout contributions from Meryl Streep and an astounding turn from Michael Moriarty as a nice quiet mass-murdering SS officer. Highly recommended.

DVD release re-edits the original 4 part miniseries into 5 parts, presumably to better fit the DVDs.

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27th May 2008

464 mins

Tom Bell
Adolf Eichmann
Joseph Bottoms
Rudi Weiss
Tovah Feldshuh
Helena Slomova
Marius Goring
Heinrich Palitz
Rosemary Harris
Berta Palitz Weiss
Tony Haygarth
Heinz Muller
Ian Holm
Heinrich Himmler
Lee Montague
Uncle Sasha
Michael Moriarty
Erik Dorf
Deborah Norton
Marta Dorf
George Rose
Robert Stephens
Uncle Kurt Dorf
Meryl Streep
Inga Helms Weiss
Sam Wanamaker
Moses Weiss
David Warner
Reinhard Heydrich