Alexandre Aja
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Production Company
Regency Enterprises
Production Company

Ex-detective takes nightwatchman job at derelict department store. Soon he is seeing apparitions in the store's mirrors.

OK US remake of Korean shocker, although made on an assembly line from bits of The Ring, House on Haunted Hill (the remake), Jacob's Ladder and even Night at the Museum.

KNB effects provide some gross make-up moments, and Kiefer gets to run around with his gun in the Weaver-stance (I wonder if he sleeps in that position?).

15th August 2008

10th October 2008

13th January 2009

112 mins

13th January 2009

112 mins

Kiefer Sutherland
Ben Carson
Paula Patton
Amy Carson
Cameron Boyce
Michael Carson
Erica Gluck
Daisy Carson
Amy Smart
Angela Carson
Mary Beth Peil
Anna Esseker
John Shrapnel
Lorenzo Sapelli
Jason Flemyng
Larry Byrne
Tim Ahern
Dr. Morris
Julian Glover
Robert Esseker
Josh Cole
Gary Lewis
Ezra Buzzington
Terrence Berry
Aida Doina
Ioana Abur
Front Desk Sister
Darren Kent
Jimmy Esseker
Roz McCutcheon
Jimmy's Mother
Adina Rapiteanu
Young Anna
William Meredith
Young Doctor, Peter
Bart Sidles
Police Inspector
Cai Man
Jingdong Qin
Anca Damacus
Burning Woman
Tudor Stroescu
Delivery Man