The sorry tale of total bastard, Michael Peterson who reinvented himself as Charles Bronson for bare knuckle brawling purposes. Guilty of minor thuggery in his brief sojourns in society, he has spent 34 years institutionalised with no sign of further reprieve. Why? Because this guy is always spoiling for a fight. With anyone. Anywhere.

Tom Hardy brings an energy to the character like a kick in the bollocks making all other movie hard men look as though they belong on the Muppet Show. A phenomenal performance, and I will now forgive him for being too weenie in the last Star Trek movie.

Thoroughly disturbing and powerful, we had one presumably hardened press personage, chunder in the aisle. I'm not sure if we are supposed to feel sorry for Bronson or not - I certainly don't and as to the brutality of the system that creates and enhances such a creature - well in this case they may have a point.

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19th January 2009
Sundance 2009

92 mins

15th February 2009
Glasgow 2009

13th March 2009

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Tom Hardy
Michael Peterson (a.k.a. 'Charles Bronson')
Matt King
Paul Daniels
Amanda Burton
Kelly Adams
Hugh Ross
Uncle Jack
Mark Powley
Andy Love / Friendly Screw
Peter Barry
Prison Officer
David Jackson
Prison Officer
David Nixon
Prison Officer
Matthew Bennett
Prison Officer / Screw
Steven Smith
Anna Griffin
Train Girl
Juliet Oldfield
Jonathan Phillips
Prison Governor
Tracy Wiles
Jewellery Shop Assistant
Luing Andrews
Hysterical Screw
Katy Barker
Gordon Brown
Mark Davenport
Nurse #1
Paul Donnelly
Andrew Forbes
Charlie's Dad
Jon House
James Lance
Holly Lucas
Young Mum
Jack Gavin
Loon / Patient
Allan Price
Additional Background Artist

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