Idiots and Angels


Bill Plympton

A man walks into a bar, he is bad-tempered, amoral and misogynist. He enjoys the misery of others and has a lousy way of earning a living.
The punchline to the above "joke" is that our "hero" suddenly finds himself afflicted with a pair of angelic wings that turn his behaviours around. The only problem is that third parties covet his wings too.

I've been a Bill Plymton fan since 1989's 25 Ways to Quit Smoking. Idiots and Angels finds him in parable mode with his feathered tale of redemption. This is the first Plymtoon I've seen on the big screen and was surprised to find his shaky pencil animations are absolutely gorgeous on that scale. I'm less happy with the story though.

26th April 2008
Tribeca Film Festival

15th April 2009
Tallahassee 2009

4th May 2009
Sci-Fi London