The Lovely Bones


Peter Jackson

A murdered teenage girl gets to watch the aftermath from the afterlife.

Adequate retelling of a much better book. Has moments here and there but seems clumsy, strident when it should be subtle and subtle when it should be gloves off.

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11th December 2009

29th January 2010

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Mark Wahlberg
Jack Salmon
Rachel Weisz
Abigail Salmon
Susan Sarandon
Grandma Lynn
Stanley Tucci
George Harvey
Michael Imperioli
Len Fenerman
Saoirse Ronan
Susie Salmon
Rose McIver
Lindsey Salmon
Christian Thomas Ashdale
Buckley Salmon
Reece Ritchie
Ray Singh
Carolyn Dando
Ruth Connors
Nikki SooHoo
Andrew James Allen
Samuel Heckler
Amanda Michalka
Thomas McCarthy
Principal Caden
Evelyn Lennon
Susie Salmon - Aged 3 Years
Stefania Owen
Flora Hernandez
Ashley Brimfield
Teenage Girl in Parking Lot
John Jezior
Mr. O'Dwyer
Dan Kern
Hospital Doctor
Greg Wood
Hospital Doctor
Freya Milner
Jackie Meyer
Katie Jackson
Leah Fox
Ruby Hudson
Lana Johnson
Tina Graham
Sophie Cichetti
Anna Dawson
Mr. Harvey's Victim
Bruce Phillips
Billy Jackson
Mall Shopper
Bruce Kirkpatrick
Mr. Steadman
Charlie Saxton
Ronald Drake
Peter Jackson
Man at Pharmacy
Robyn Malcolm
Foremans Wife