Incident on a Dark Street


Buzz Kulik
20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Production company

Average TV Movie fare concerning overlapping courtroom drama with shady property deals.

Castellano steals it for being a good guy (sort of) and indulging in some chase antics that I hope he was well paid for. Shatner plays weasel well sporting a dark rug and 'tache.

Clearly a failed pilot for something like the 70s version of Boston Legal.

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James Olson
Joe Dubbs
David Canary
Peter Gallagher
Robert Pine
Paul Hamilton, Jr.
Richard Castellano
Frank Romeo
William Shatner
Deaver G. Wallace
Murray Hamilton
Edmund 'Ed' Schilling
Gilbert Roland
Dominic Leopold
David Doyle
Luke Burgess
James Davidson
Arthur Lloyd Trenier
Kathleen Lloyd
Louise Trenier
(as Kathy Lloyd)
John Kerr
Gallagher, Trenier's Lawyer
Marlene Clark
Jerome Thor
Abe Hirsch
Valentin de Vargas
Ernesto 'Ernie' De La Pina
(as Valentine De Vargas)
Susan Stafford
Monica Forbes
Tony Giorgio
Vincent Romeo
Jay W. MacIntosh
Court Clerk
(as Jay McIntosh)
Marian Collier
Miss Gentry
Jennifer Kulik
Wesley Lau
John Pine
Roland La Starza
Earl Eby
(as Earl Ebi)
Nickolas Konakas
Young Detective
Michael Stokey
Teenage Boy
Michele Nichols
Teenage Girl
Owen Orr
Square Built Man
Jed Allan
Ben Maddon
Robyn Millan
Marnie Jaycox
Don 'Red' Barry
Miles Henderson
(as Donald Barry)
Gordon Pinsent
Joe - Mayor
Eddie Quillan
Security Guard
James A. Watson Jr.
Niles McKeon

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