Thicker Than Water


A short comedy in three stages: firstly it's the "I give it (the money) to him to give to her to give to him and then he gave it back to me to give to her to give to him" routine when Fin turns up demanding payment for rental of some furniture. Later, as Ollie withdraws the couple's life savings of $300, he and Stan somehow manage to end up at an auction and win the bid for a grandfather's clock. The last stage of the film sees Mrs. Hardy's violent reaction towards her husband which lands him in hospital needing a blood transfusion. And Stan is on hand to donate his blood... with strange results!
This was the last 2-reel short they made.

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Daphne Pollard
Mrs. Daphne Hardy
James Finlayson
Mr. Finlayson
Harry Bowen
Ed Brandenburg
Bank Teller
Allan Cavan
Dr. Allen
Baldwin Cooke
Hospital Visitor
Bess Flowers
Gladys Gale
Auction Bidder
Grace Goodall
Nurse Goodall
Charlie Hall
Bank Teller

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