Call Of The Cuckoo


A family (headed by Max Davidson) are so annoyed by the fact their home is situated next door to an asylum that they decide to sell their place and move somewhere better. When a buyer offers them a straight exchange for his house the family cannot believe their luck.... that is, of course, until they move in to find everything is worse than before.
One of the earliest silent shorts with Laurel & Hardy as shaven-headed inmates of the asylum (they got this from playing convicts in their previous film, The Second Hundred Years).

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15th October 1927

Max Davidson
Papa Gimplewart
Spec O'Donnell
Love's Greatest Mistake
Lillian Elliott
Mama Gimplewart
Leo Willis
Stan Laurel
Asylum Inmate
Oliver Hardy
Asylum Inmate
Charley Chase
Asylum Inmate
James Finlayson
Asylum Inmate
Frank Brownlee
Prospective House Buyer
Edgar Dearing
Charlie Hall
Asylum Inmate
Fay Holderness
Charles Meakin
House Buyer
Lyle Tayo

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