Going Bye-Bye!


Mediocre Laurel & Hardy 2-reeler with a judge paying praise to the boys as heroes for snitching on a wanted criminal and having him put behind bars. But they are warned by a friend of the convict that they ought to consider leaving town because they don't want to be around for when the man escapes and comes looking for them. So Ollie advertises for someone to accompany himself and Stan on a long trip east. Mae Busch applies for the duty and advises the boys she has a male friend who wishes to come along. You can guess the rest.

Followed by Them Thar Hills (1934).

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23rd June 1934

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Mae Busch
Butch's Girlfriend
Walter Long
Baldwin Cooke
Court Official
Harry Dunkinson
Sam Lufkin
Man with Warning
Murdock MacQuarrie
Jury Foreman

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