Capricorn One


Peter Hyams

When something goes wrong during the first manned mission to Mars, uncrupulous types fake the rest of the landing.

I would have thought that this film would have become beloved of conspiracy theorists everywhere, but is now oddly forgotten.

The OJ factor doesn't help and a somewhat silly finale with too much comic relief, but for my money, this is one of the best thrillers of the 70s.

PS Sam Waterston's demise is one of my favourite moments in cinema, period.

19th May 1978

2nd June 1978

11th January 1979

Capricorn One
17th February 1998


Elliott Gould
Robert Caulfield
James Brolin
Charles Brubaker
Brenda Vaccaro
Kay Brubaker
Sam Waterston
Peter Willis
O.J. Simpson
John Walker
Hal Holbrook
Dr. James Kelloway
Karen Black
Judy Drinkwater
Telly Savalas
David Huddleston
Hollis Peaker
David Doyle
Walter Loughlin
Lee Bryant
Sharon Willis
Denise Nicholas
Betty Walker
Robert Walden
Elliot Whitter
James Sikking
Control Room Man (as Jim Sikking)
Alan Fudge
Capsule Communicator
James Karen
Vice President Price
Virginia Kaiser
Mrs. Price
Nancy Malone
Mrs. Peaker
Hank Stohl
General Enders
Norman Bartold
Darrell Zwerling
Dr. Bergen
Milton Selzer
Dr. Burroughs
Lou Frizzell
Horace Gruning
Chris Hyams
Charles Brubaker, Jr.
Seanna Marre
Sandy Brubaker
Paul Picerni
Barbara Bosson
Alva Leacock
Paul Haney
Paul Cunningham
Jon Cedar
F.B.I. Man Number 1
Steve Tannen
Man at Hangar Number 1
Trent Dolan
Man at Hangar Number 2
Todd Hoffman
N.A.S.A. Usher (Mark Hughes)
Marty Anka
Kenneth White
Tracking Technician (as Ken White)
John Hiscock
Reporter Number 1
Bridget Byrne
Reporter Number 2
Colin Dangaard
Reporter Number 3
James Bacon
Reporter Number 4
Sandy Davidson
N.A.S.A. Reporter
Ron Cummins
F.B.I. Man Number 2
Dennis O'Flaherty
F.B.I. Man Number 3
Zack Taylor
F.B.I. Man Number 4
Frank Farmer
Allan Graf
Reporter outside Kay Brubakers house (uncredited)
Monty Jordan
Army Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
Arthur Tovey
Minor Role (uncredited)