Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows


Documentary-movie about one of wrestling's greatest living legends, Bret 'Hitman' Hart. Shot over the course of a year, a film crew documented the life of Bret in and out of the ring, not realising that they were about to capture on film the biggest double-cross in the history of the WWF.
The film documents the bitterness and betrayal felt by Hart and how he dealt with the aftermath of the infamous "Montreal screw-job", a match he refused to drop the championship belt to fellow wrestler and hated rival Shawn Michaels, and the subsequent interference from boss Vince McMahon during the match.
Any fans of the World Wrestling Federation (as it was then known by) will love it, regardless of whether you are a fan of Bret's or not.

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Bret Hart
Mark Calaway
The Undertaker
Curt Hennig
Curt Hennig (archive footage)
Dave Meltzer
Wayne Farris
The Honky Tonk Man
Mike Hegstrand
Road Warrior Hawk
Del Wilkes
The Patriot
Gorilla Monsoon
Gorilla Monsoon (archive footage)
Rick Rude
'Ravishing' Rick Rude (archive footage)
Vince Russo
Glenn Ruth
Headbanger Thrasher
Pat Patterson
Marc Mero
Himself (archive footage)
Kevin Nash
Diesel (archive footage)
Scott Hall
Razor Ramon (archive footage)
Larry Pfohl
Lex Luger (archive footage)
Randy Savage
Macho Man Randy Savage (archive footage)
Brian James
Sean Waltman
The 1-2-3 Kid (archive footage)
Roddy Piper
Rowdy Roddy Piper (archive footage)
Bob Howard
Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly (archive footage)
Michael Seitz
Dok Hendrix
Ted Annis
Tom Brandi
Himself (archive footage)
Mark Canterbury
Henry O. Godwinn
Jesus Castillo
Jose Estrada Jr.
Brian Harris
Dean Hart
Himself (archive footage)
Smith Hart
Himself (archive footage)
Grant McReynolds
Himself - Bret Hart's Trainer
Miguel Perez
Juan Rivera
Savio Vega
Harry Smith
Ted Turner
Himself (archive footage)
Chaz Warrington
Headbanger Mosh
Shane McMahon
Himself (uncredited)
Rena Mero
Sable (archive footage) (uncredited)
Brian Schaaf
Angry Wrestling Fan (uncredited)
Chad Socolovitch
Wrestling fan (uncredited)
Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Paul Budra
Himself, 'Off The Record'
Roy Farris
Honky Tonk Man
Mick Foley
Alison Hart
Blade Hart
Himself (Bret's son)
Diana Hart
Herself (Bret's sister)
Ellie Hart
Herself (Bret's sister)
Georgia Hart
Herself (Bret's sister)
Helen Hart
Herself (Bret's mother)
Julie Hart
Herself (Bret's wife)
Keith Hart
Himself (Bret's brother)
Owen Hart
Himself (Bret's brother)
Stu Hart
Himself (Bret's father)
Earl Hebner
Himself (WWF referee)
Michael Hegstrand
'Hawk' from Legion of Doom
Henry Jenkins
Himself, 'Off The Record'
Michael Landsberg
Host 'Off The Record' TV show
Joe Laurinaitis
'Animal' from Legion of Doom
Paul Levesque
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H)
Vince McMahon
Himself/Owner of the WWF
David Meltzer
Himself, 'Off The Record'
Shawn Michaels
Jim Neidhart
Himself (Bret's brother-in-law)
Brian Pillman
Bob Remus
Sgt. Slaughter
Dustin Runnels
Ken Shamrock
David Smith
Himself 'The British Bulldog' (Bret's brother-in-law)
Tammy Sytch
Leon White

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