You know the story by now....1912.....big ship....iceburg......disaster.....
A made-for-TV movie released shortly before the big one in 1997, yet this is the opposite: this version has the all-star cast on the small budget!

Screenshots taken from the Boulevard Entertainment DVD, which is a cheap budget range so please excuse the relatively poor quality.

Click here for details of the British Board of Film Classification for the movie.

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17th November 1996

7th December 2004

180 mins

Peter Gallagher
Wynn Park
George C. Scott
Captain Edward J. Smith
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Isabella Paradine
Eva Marie Saint
Hazel Foley
Tim Curry
Simon Doonan
Roger Rees
J. Bruce Ismay
Harley Jane Kozak
Bess Allison
Marilu Henner
Molly Brown
Mike Doyle
Jamie Perse
Sonsee Ahray
Aase Ludvigsen
Felicity Waterman
Alice Cleaver
Malcolm Stewart
1st Officer William Murdoch
Kevin McNulty
Second Officer Charles Lightoller
Scott Hylands
John Jacob Astor IV
Janne Mortil
Madeline Astor
Bernard Cuffling
Steward Henry Samuel Etches
Peter Haworth
Isidor Strauss
Matt Hill
Chief Marconi Officer Phillips
Devon Hoholuk
Lorraine Allison
Katharine Isabelle
Ophelia Jack
Eric Keenleyside
Black Billy Jack
Terence Kelly
Captain Arthur Henry Rostron (Carpathia)
Tamsin Kelsey
Clarinda Jack
Don MacKay
Mr. Dickie
(as Don Mackay)
Molly Parker
Lulu Foley
Barry Pepper
Assistant Marconi Operator Harold Bride
Gerard Plunkett
Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall
Kavan Smith
Fifth Officer Harold Lowe
Shaina Tianne Unger
Claire Paradine
Crystal Verge
Marge Miller
Matthew Walker
Stanley Lord, Captain of the SS Californian
Dale Wilson
Edward Paradine
Janie Woods-Morris
Ida Strauss

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