The Touch of Satan


Traveller chances upon a beautiful girl on a remote farm - and there's a body count in the neighbourhood.

The L.A. Free Press quote on the poster reads:
The Touch of Satan makes Rosemary's Baby look like a Sunday School Picnic!

It must have been April 1st is all I can say.

Film isn't that bad actually, feels like a very leisurely paced TV Movie though.

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Michael Berry
Jodie Lee Thompson
Emby Mellay
Melissa Strickland
Lee Amber
Luther Strickland
Yvonne Winslow
Molly Strickland
Jeanne Gerson
Lucinda Strickland
Robert Easton
Mr. Keitel
Lew Horn
Deputy John Mason
John J. Fox
Hal K. Dawson
Mr. Gentry
Frank Jansen
Frank Strickland