Atlas Shrugged II
The Strike


John Putch

Revolutionary fervour for the tea party crowd. Compare and contrast with say V for Vendetta which is revolutionary fervour for the occupy crowd. I'm staying out of it.

-The Sloth

Or go one better and realize both Rand and Moore are psuedo-intellectual windbags, both movies are crap propaganda, and learn to think for yourself. Or at least not let Hollywood dictate your worldview.

-Dave W.

12th October 2012

Samantha Mathis
Dagny Taggart
Jason Beghe
Henry Rearden
Esai Morales
Francisco d'Anconia
Patrick Fabian
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Kim Rhodes
Lillian Rearden
Richard T. Jones
Eddie Willers
D.B. Sweeney
John Galt
Paul McCrane
Wesley Mouch
John Rubinstein
Dr. Floyd Ferris
Robert Picardo
Dr. Robert Stadler
Ray Wise
Head of State Thompson
Diedrich Bader
Quentin Daniels
Bug Hall
Leonard Small
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Rex Linn
Kip Chalmers
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Cherryl Brooks
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