Ikarie XB 1

Icarus XB 1


Jindrich Polák
Filmové studio Barrandov

In the 22nd century, a spaceship is dispatched to a mysterious planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. Along the way, the crew must adjust to the hazards of space, including loneliness, which drives one crewmember to a mental breakdown that endangers the lives of the other crew.

Along with Solaris, Der schweigende Stern, and Planeta Bur, one of the most important science-fiction films from behind the Iron Curtain, and a quite worthy film in it's own right, regardless of historical perspectives. Beautiful cinematography and ernest performances, with Forbidden Planet being an obvious influence. It should also be very obvious that this was a major influence on Kubrick's 2001, both visually and thematically.

This film was recut by AIP and released in the USA under the title Voyage to the End Of the Universe. Unfortunately, AIP's edits and asinine alternate ending destroy the tone and meaning of the film, and basically should be completely disregarded. Unfortunately, IMDb sees fit to continue listing this film under the American title. Pretty foolish, especially as the original film is now easier to find than the American version!

A very insightful assessment of the film can be found here. Be warned it describes the entire plot of the film, including the ending!

-Dave Wright

26th July 1963

83 mins

Zdenek Štepánek
Captain Vladimir Abajev
František Smolík
Anthony Hopkins
Dana Medrická
Nina Kirova
Irena Kacírková
Radovan Lukavský
Commander MacDonald
Otto Lackovic
Miroslav Machácek
Marcel Bernard
Jirí Vrstála
Erik Svenson - pilot
Rudolf Deyl
Ervin Herold
Jaroslav Mareš
Milek Wertbowsky
Martin Tapák
Petr Kubes
Marcela Martínková
Steffa Wertbowsky
Jozef Adamovic
Zdenek Lorenc
Jaroslav Rozsíval
Ship's Doctor
Ružena Urbanová
Svatava Hubenáková
Rena MacDonald
Jan Cmíral
Vjaceslav Irmanov

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