The Great Gatsby


Vapid empty spectacle from a director who relies on flash to hide his deficit of talent. Poor lead performances and full of unconvincing Australian actors playing Yanks to save money (like too many films these days). Even the 1949 Alan Ladd version is better, and that one is pretty limp. The august critic A.O. Scott said "the best way to enjoy the film is to put aside whatever literary agenda you are tempted to bring with you." Because lowering your expectations is the American way, apparently. But what to expect from a pontificating blowhard like Scott? Intelligent criticism? This movie currently has a 7.2 on IMDb, which is ludircrous and speaks more to either ratings rigging or the general stupidity of the troglodytes who review there. Probably both.

-Dave W.

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The Great Gatsby
10th May 2013

143 mins

Leonardo DiCaprio
Jay Gatsby
Tobey Maguire
Nick Carraway
Carey Mulligan
Daisy Buchanan
Joel Edgerton
Tom Buchanan
Isla Fisher
Myrtle Wilson
Jason Clarke
George Wilson
Elizabeth Debicki
Jordan Baker
Callan McAuliffe
Teen Jay Gatsby
Jack Thompson
Dr. Walter Perkins
Amitabh Bachchan
Meyer Wolfsheim
Lisa Adam
Weeping / Singing Woman
Steve Bisley
Dan Cody
Richard Carter
Adelaide Clemens
Vince Colosimo
Max Cullen
Owl Eyes
Goran D. Kleut
Head Waiter - Speakeasy
Heather Mitchell
Daisy's Mother
Barry Otto
Benny McClenahan
Bryan Probets
Nick Tate
Taxi Driver
Gemma Ward
Languid Girl
Matthew Whittet
Vladimir Tostoff
Felix Williamson
Bill Young
Policeman - Wilson's Garage
Lara Mulcahy
Party Dancer
Arthur Dignam
Undetermined Role
Nigel Harbach
Ripley Snel
Jacek Koman
Undetermined Role